Iran and Saudi diplomatic dispute expands to the Horn of Africa

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... ... ... "The ill-advised decisions of the governments in the region are partly caused by Salafi/Wahabi influence. The alliance between the Saudi royal family and the Salafists who are nowadays strong religious authority in Somalia and Somaliland are turning these countries into Saudi puppets. Contrary to long held policy, Somaliland has backed the bloody Saudi intervention in Yemen. Religious leaders linked to Saudi Arabia held in Somaliland series of religious deliberations demonizing Iran and Shia sect, although there is no Shia community in Somaliland." .. ... ...

Is there any opposition to the growing influence of these people in Somalia and Somaliland (as well as the rest of the world)??
I honestly do fear for the future if these people are able to go on unchallenged. The impression I get is that they have an invisible layer of immunity over them - as it seems few are happy to question them out of fear of being regarded as unIslamic.

On a slightly separate issue. (Maybe I should have put this in another thread).

This same writer made a blog post a few months ago about the online debates in Somaliland between the secularists and the islamist. Writing

... ... ... "Another thing I have so far observed is the people who are involved in the debates. The secularist (if I group together all those oppose the Islamists) mostly comprises of two groups. One group is young and educated and based in Somaliland. The other group are predominantly educated in Muslim countries. This composition surprises me because I would have expected secularist to be educated or to live in the Western countries...." ... ... ...

If there is a grassroots anti-islamist-wahhabi-salafi movement (that also includes people who are secular), why don't they band together and form a political party, as the current parties either pander to the islamist-salafi-wahhabi crowd or refuse to challenge them. I think the issue of extremist beliefs is of sufficient severity (not only in Somali societies, but around the world) to require a more robust and aggressive opposition.
Do I have to go to Somaliland and start the Somaliland Secular Party? :ayaanswag:

The writer is based in Somaliland but I guess his observations also apply to Somalia as well.
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