1. Somaliboqor

    Abwaan Dhiirane Kismayo High School

    Wallahi watch this comedian visiting A school in Kismayo. This dude can't be serious... It made me laugh last night.
  2. Somaliboqor

    Somali youtuber ElmiTV got married

    Remember him going viral on social media? media. He got married to beautiful 9/10 somali wife. Who said uk somalis don't marry eachother?
  3. Somaliboqor

    Reer xamar youtubers

    Who are this couple all the fobs are going crazy about on social media? They live in Malaysia.
  4. Guts

    Mashallah Reiko got married..

    and she made her husband get a horse for the wedding just to show off puntlands national animal :banderas:Congrats sister i thought that you would never get married @Reiko I will see a ton of xalimos hate on her for no reason :damedamn: