1. Manafesto

    NEWS Somaliland: Entrepreneurs Help Farmers Hold the Desert Back(FT Article)
  2. Manafesto

    OPINION 30 years on, Somaliland is poor and still struggles for international recognition(AfricaNewsReport)
  3. Manafesto

    OPINION SOMALILAND : The Country that doesn't exist (Documentary)!

    :pachah1:There is one thing all these SL government funded documentaries and Vlogs have all in common and they never miss to mention these things, this is the type of message they are passing to the Western world. 1. 1:17 The victim narrative( We Wuz/Were Xasuuqed and Sheit). 2. 1:20 We...
  4. CaliTedesse

    Sidama declare autonomous state within Federal Ethiopia

    Allah swt protect the land of Najashi , King Armah, Legendary King of Abyssinia who welcomed the fleeing first Muslims. Keep peace in our land which is Ethiopia. If Ethiopia falls , everyone falls. We all are interconnected with Ethiopia in the Horn. Ethiopia you can't fall, because if you fall...
  5. Jungle79

    Jigjiga Thee Beautiful.....

    Ethiopian-Somali Region capital city Jigjiga the beautiful.... More to come.. Stay tuned.. ;-)