real arabs

  1. Manafesto

    Egyptian women Receives a doctorate or PhD in Somali language & Grammer studies yet her Somali is trash!!

    1:45 Wow, I would have asked for a refund, her Somali is trash and has not one but many grammatical erorrs in her short speach, I have seen plenty of many so called Somali language experts in the the west or the east and so far no one comes close to being as good and sound native like that...
  2. Helios

    Real Arabs

    This Arab beg mentality is embarrassing honestly. People need to stop claiming it. Being arab isn't a "culture" it's an ethnicity, so stop claiming it. Here are the list of real Arab countries, if you don't hail from there then sadly you aren't a real one. * Syria and Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt and...