1. B

    Why did Umar and some of the Scholars and salaf forbid speaking non arabic languages

    Wallahi i dont wanna cause fitnah or hate to any of these scholars i just want to understand why they forbid speaking in a language other than arabic here are my reasons why speaking in a language other than arabic isnt haram 1. وَمِنْ ءَايَـٰتِهِۦ خَلْقُ ٱلسَّمَـٰوَٰتِ وَٱلْأَرْضِ...
  2. al-Mu'tamid المعتمد

    A Man Who Has His People And Cattle Does Not Die

  3. Boogie

    What will be in jannah

    Can u see ur family there
  4. Boogie

    I have a question

  5. 486th President

    Bout to get Quran Saar

    I’m about to get Quran Saar the sheikh is on his way wish me luck fam :friendhug:
  6. Faahiye

    Leather Quran in great condition from the 1800's found in Somalia

    Best, Faahiye
  7. Saalax Bidaar

    Christian Lady’s reaction upon hearing The Quran for the first time

  8. Ramen

    Lying sheikhs

    I never trusted these somali sheikhs on tv. They look suspicous and im 100 % sure that theyre lying to their viewers who dont understand the quran and add retarded rules. Why do old somalis praise kids who can read the whole quran? they dont understand what is said in the quran. Why cant...
  9. Karim

    Mesmerising recitation Surah Waqiah (That Which is coming)

    Beautiful recitation of Surah Waqiah with English subtitles by Qari Omar Hashim Al Arabi.
  10. Gadiid

    Some advice I'd give, I started doing this well over a year ago.

    Salaam. Please do this if you believe, the benefits are amazing. A great habit to have is to recite Al-Falaq,A-Naas, Al-Ikhlas and Ayaatul Kursi twice a day morning and evening. Generally after getting up and going to sleep. It barely takes time out of your day, especially compared to the...
  11. wars

    Insha’Allah! what’s your goal this Ramadan?

  12. Karim

    Enjoy This beautiful recitation of Surah An-naziat (With English Subtitles)

    One of the most beautiful recitations i've heard.
  13. Simodi

    Pearls from the Qur'an - Why do we worship Allah?

  14. psychoukhtive

    Well known qari dies while reciting quran in public

    inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raj'uun. Lately, my iman hasnt been the best :/ but after seeing this it just hit me..humbled me. sometimes we lose sight that this world, the dunya, is just a test/trap. Instead of keeping my tongue moist with the dhikr of Allah and increasing my ibaadah, I waste my...
  15. SultanuuFicaan

    Shiekh Jafar Abdul Rahman passes away while reciting Quran

  16. abdale

    Who agrees with him anyone?

    I do agree with him.
  17. abdale

    Who follows Quran only and rejected hadiths?

    I rejected hadiths it's is based on falsehood telling ladies covering from head to toe and so many other thinks Anyone who thinks about it recognizes the falsehood of the old saying “Clothes make the man.” Yet for many the piety of a Muslim woman is defined by how she dresses. Men who do not...