1. O

    Ksi is pulling a sneako 😂

    First time in a mosque for being racist
  2. 486th President

    @Among Us Why⁉️⁉️😩😭

    Why did you give me that dislike :mjcry: :kendrickcry:
  3. AarHawd_7

    Im at a London nightclub now and...

    My Somali bretherens little sister is here with a madow popping bottles and sh!t. I can see here right now shaking her phat bum while the madow is touching her. She is a hijaabi normally, shes wearing a tight skirt now. What should I do? Take her home my force as were neighbours. Call her...
  4. Wei

    Our beloved Qashin button has returned!

    :lawd::lawd::lawd::rejoice::rejoice::rejoice::lawd::lawd::lawd: Democracy has triumphed. The Qashin button allows us to express our disdain for certain posts in ways words couldn't. Mods:nvjpqts:
  5. Lalune

    Somali guy on the Maury show

    Take a look at the comments-his dad is Somali. BIG L for Faraxs :chrisfreshhah::chrisfreshhah: