1. Xooshdheere

    Federalism, Corruption & Tribalism in Somalia

    Tribalism, Federalism and corruption are the misfortunes that gloomed the unity and trust of Somali people, sadly Somalinimo is not perceptible in the current Somali social and political platforms rather empty exaggeration, decorated flags and praise songs for clan states are overwhelmingly...
  2. Khathead

    Can someone make a nice overview of the qabils that are most discussed here?

    What is an MJ??? I see so many qabils mentioned and made fun of, and I feel like I'm missing the funniest shit in the threads where qabil is the focus. I only know my own qabil (Warsangeli) and my mothers. My parents never really talked about it. So can someone summarize the different qabils...