1. Hybrid()

    FIFA 21: terrible AI defending

    It's this for real. I haven't played fifa since 2011 but I played a few times in fifa 19 with no problem. Yesterday I played FIFA 21 on PS5 and God was the gameplay horrendous. It has the worse defending I ever seen and can't seem to get grips of it at all. Was the AI defending this bad in fifa...
  2. Hybrid()

    Gamers soo gala

    I finally got a ps5. As a person who hasnt played video games since 2011, I'm clueless about the gaming world. I need an indept explanation about PS plus and the types of games you're able to download as a PS plus member.
  3. Hybrid()

    PS5 restocks

    since 2 weeks ago, I have the tweet notification on for ps5 drops but haven't had any ounce of luck to secure one. this morning I was on my phone when I got a notification for ps5 drops from best buy; I went ahead immediately to checkout with no luck what so ever. were any of you successful in...
  4. tyrannicalmanager

    Sony ruined my favorite ps3 game

    how to go from this to this! and they expect people to buy a playstation 5 for this!?!:jcoleno: