pro black

  1. W

    Saw this on Virgin vs Chad subreddit thought it was hilarious (I support George Floyd BTW)

  2. CanIDimo

    Is anyone here a pan Africanist ??

    i have discovered this cult called pan africanism in the last two month through this guy called umar johnson that my Caribbean friend recommended to me when he quoted him in discussion we had in uni about the dark Continent :gaasdrink: i had a look at a lot of his videos so far all i know about...
  3. Jodeci

    Why being Pro Black is more benefical for Somalis then being Pro Arab

    I know some idiot Somalis are confused on this topic so hopefully we can discuss why being Pro Black is more beneficial. Facts Somalis make more money in another African countries then Arab ones Somalis also have more rights in other African countries then Arab Ones Somalis are abused less in...