1. Manafesto

    Which of these Circumstances would you Forgive and let your Spouse get away Cheating on you?

    Why forgive a cheater?:pacspit: There's no need to forgive someone that cheats. I've never cheated on a girl, I've never felt the need to, and I've never had to fight any urge to do so. I've dumped a girl to date other people, but it's not that hard to have some type of integrity and not...
  2. Phiirso

    Have you ever owned a pet

    I've actually never seen pets in a Somalis home's
  3. S

    What should Farmaajo focus on?

    Come and vote for what Farmaajo first priority should be :yacadiim: Let the patriots decide :fittytousand:
  4. Huur

    Puntites vs Cushites [Poll]

    Apart from what our oral traditions provides. The ethnic origins of Somalis will always remain unknown. Currently there are two competing theories in answering this question. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Somalis are...