1. Pastoralist

    Who should be the next NN candidate

    Farmaajo is bad PR, the masses love him, but he is loathed in this political system which is not yet 1m1v. So it’s best he doesn’t run after the crap he did by extending by his mandate. Being defeated by rooble, he threw a tantrum. two great choices are here for the choosing. Mahdi guleed who...
  2. Manafesto

    Which of these Circumstances would you Forgive and let your Spouse get away Cheating on you?

    Why forgive a cheater?:pacspit: There's no need to forgive someone that cheats. I've never cheated on a girl, I've never felt the need to, and I've never had to fight any urge to do so. I've dumped a girl to date other people, but it's not that hard to have some type of integrity and not...
  3. Phiirso

    Have you ever owned a pet

    I've actually never seen pets in a Somalis home's
  4. S

    What should Farmaajo focus on?

    Come and vote for what Farmaajo first priority should be :yacadiim: Let the patriots decide :fittytousand:
  5. Huur

    Puntites vs Cushites [Poll]

    Apart from what our oral traditions provides. The ethnic origins of Somalis will always remain unknown. Currently there are two competing theories in answering this question. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Somalis are...