1. Burqad

    Ethiopian Church falling apart

    oromos and amharas are killing each other over church buildings now.
  2. Shk_ljh”630

    Oromo bops, viva la oromia

    Some Oromo songs that my dad (my clan and oromos have ties ig lol) used to play around the house. Beautiful music tbh As for the anti oromo agenda that’s spread on here, yall don’t understand the first thing about Oromo culture but it’s fine tho, down down Ethiopia, DOWN DOWN...
  3. Marshall D Abdi

    Who knew Oromo had a kingdom in India

    pass it to 1:34 n watch it
  4. Medulla

    A History of The Oromo People

    He tells it how it is anyone else have great content like this feel free to share it below