1. Manafesto

    OPINION SOMALILAND : The Country that doesn't exist (Documentary)!

    :pachah1:There is one thing all these SL government funded documentaries and Vlogs have all in common and they never miss to mention these things, this is the type of message they are passing to the Western world. 1. 1:17 The victim narrative( We Wuz/Were Xasuuqed and Sheit). 2. 1:20 We...
  2. CaliTedesse

    Weird thing about North Africans

    Especially Moroccans and Algerians and Tunisians. I noticed among their Berber speaking population, the ones that speaks Arab don't regard themselves as Berber anymore and distance themselves from the Berber umbrella. Imagine a Somali who speaks Arab denouncing he is Somali and he is Arab. Shit...