1. Sultan A. Sheikh

    New flag for the Somali-Kenyan region!

    The new proposed flag for the #Somali region in North-Eastern #Kenya plans to restore with amends to the name by Somali-Kenyan leaders across the region. What do we think and what name do you think they’ll go with?
  2. Hazy24

    Rendille or Reer diide

  3. Thegoodshepherd

    ANALYSIS Somali population growth in Kenya

    The Somali population in Kenya is experiencing a boom unlike anything I have seen. According to the 2019 census the number of Kenyans ages 0-14 was 9.208 million. The number of Kenyans ages 0-14 in North Eastern was 1.388 million. This means that 15% of all Kenyans ages 0-14 are Somali. Somalis...
  4. Thegoodshepherd

    A history of the Juba-Tana Darod

    Great pamphlet written by the last British Governor of Tanganyika. It is cited by most writers as the most authoritative account as to how the Darod managed to take a territory that is more than half the size of Ethiopia's Somali region. This pamphlet contradicts many prior assumptions I had...
  5. Al-Burcaawi

    does nfd have a flag??

    aight so hear me out: us landers got a flag: ✔️ our wanlaweynistani brothers got a flag: ✔️ our french fries up north west got a flag: ✔️ even our dhaanto expert niggas got a flag: ✔️ but then when we go south i realize that our nfd homies got NO FUXKIN FLAG OF THEIR OWN. whats going on? plz...
  6. O

    Eastleigh: What's in a name?

    Just copied the relevant parts of the article. You can read the rest here: However, throughout all this history there was a constant Somali presence in the estate. Indeed, Somali settlement in Eastleigh is not new...