1. NAAFO

    Best TV Shows

    I tried to make the selection of shows as varied as possible please give your input on whether any of these shows/content is your favourite or none are to your liking if so please disclose what you like and why Netflix shows 1.Narcos 2.El Chapo 3.The Last Kingdom 4.Daredevil 5.Punisher...
  2. MariaMaria

    Accident or murder ?

    Just finished watching The Staircase on Netflix Plot ( SPOILERS) : I seriously can't believe his defense tried to argue that she feel down the stairs :mahubowtf: It would make more sense if they said an intruder came in and killed her but how can you end up at the bottom of the stairs...
  3. YoungFarah

    Netflix Shows!!

    Recommend some good shows to binge. I might watch the Defenders but I have to finish Jessica Jones and Iron Fist before then. What else should I watch?