I met an SJW for the first time

    The other day at university, me and my Reer Xamar friend got into an intense debate about the motherland. I told her I was a staunch Somaliweyn nationalist and she hit back by asking if so-called minorties like her are a part of my vision for Greater Somalia. I didn’t even have a chance to give...
  2. 4head

    Jordan Peterson is a FRAUD§§

    He supports his friend, Ben Shapiro, a proud jew who's sionist and a proud American. And many of you know at least one of these guys. J.Peterson doesn't support European Identitarian groups. Because "they are nationalists and white pride". But he remains silent when it comes to the jewish pride...
  3. L

    What Motivates You in Life?

    I AM Motivated by trying to Help Protect Animals, Babies, and Children! I Love the Somali speaking Peoples and I wish to Help them! Follow me as I Consolidate my Power as The Greatest Somali Wadani Hero who ever Lived Please visit my Threads on Health in the Women's Den.
  4. Eru Ilúvatar

    We need our own Trump

    We need our own Trump, who won’t hesitate to speak up. We need a leader who is patriotic about his country. We need a leader that doesn’t take shit from anyone. We need a leader that can start a cultural revolution. We need a new and better Siyad Barre.