1. Helios

    New Nick Ideas

    I'm bored of The Good and I'm looking for a new nick. Something tied to history perhaps or a cool name for a natural phenomena.
  2. SadioMane

    Do white people butcher your name?

    I always have to repeat my name ten times to white people. Then I have to spell out another 10x. I remember in school new teachers would be calling out the register and then fall silent on my name! I mean how hard is it to pronounce: Culusow Cabdiraxiim? Do white people mess up your names?
  3. Prince Abubu

    Cushitic name change

    The name Cushitic is offensive as it is a racial slur in af-yahuudi. I propose the language group changes it's name to Erythrean or Puntic.
  4. government

    What Happened to the oil exploration in puntland

    I remember a couple of years back they found oil what happened
  5. Jodeci

    Stolen: How Yemenis stole Somali food and culture

    We all know Somalis influenced the people around them since the start of time. But did you know how much of an influence we had on our Yemeni neighbors? They won't speak about this because they want to steal our food to make money off it. Go to any Yemeni restaurant and see for yourself. Here...
  6. Jodeci

    Why Somalis shouldn't name their daughters non Somali names

    So I know you are wondering , why Jodeci? Why not name our daughters some exotic names. Well here is an example, do you know the City of Berlin somehow became a Somali name. What important event happened in Berlin in the past? :lolbron: So that event that destroyed Africa is being...
  7. Prince Abubu

    90% of Somali Males...

    ...are named Abdi, Mohammed, Ahmed, Mahamoud or have a combination of all three in their name. :kanyehmm: My god, we are an unimaginative people.:mindblown:
  8. government

    should Chinese people learn somali

    @Human how about Chinese people learn somali they are already doing that
  9. Jeesto

    What will you name your children??

    Mine will all have authentic somali names. I like the names Cawo, Ladan, Sagal, Carte/Cartan, Ayaanle, Hanad and Cawaale :banderas:
  10. Prince Abubu

    Somalis should adopt surnames

    It's really hard keeping a track of so many similar named people, especially distant cousins. I have to have a notebook for my father's side of the family alone. We should just have proper surnames instead of the patrynomic surnames we have now.