nabar iyo naxdin


    Interview of Somali military recruit sent to Eritrea

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  2. Awdalia Rising

    Abu Qarax Called Out Yet Again For Thievery

    Abu Qarax Al-Poon (Failmaajo) and Kheyrlaawe have each stolen a ventilator one for themselves and another one each for family member. They have set up private medical ward in their amisom bunker. Another day another corrupt act from the Nabar Iyo Naxdin terrorist group
  3. AarHawd_7

    Nabar iyo Naxdiin supporters please come in

    I got one question for you guys. How on earth do you guys think it’s even remotely possible ruling the whole country from Mogadishu? Basically flushing the federal constitution through the toilet. You guys really think a man from Bosaso, Garowe or even Hargeisa who has been self sufficient for...
  4. F

    FGS Ministers Not Afforded Accommodation during Hajj, Slept on Street