1. Enlightenednomad

    Mr. 91 is doing a commendable job just days into his new post as GM security minister

    @Mckenzie Kabiirka weyn shaqo culus buu haya, seeing major already. :nvjpqts:
  2. L

    Calling all Jeegaanlanders

    Why is your 'government' (I use that term very loosely here), so focused on obtaining other people's lands when they have repeatedly failed to 'liberate' themselves from Somalia? 27 years of propoganda, calaacal and begging has not helped. Shouldn't they focus in gaining true independance...
  3. A

    Somali kid beaten to death

    Has anyone seen the video of a Somali boy being beaten to death. I saw this video on the Snapchat of a Somali charity worker. His snap is checkcheck47. These animals use sticks and kicks to fucking kill this kid. Fucking animals.
  4. A

    How did you parents arrive in the western world?

    My parents were in Mogadishu when the war happened and had to pretend to be from another tribe which the militia found hard to believe as they were extremely light(mooryans words not mine). My family eventually ended up in a Kenyan refugee camp in Nairobi, my parents had enough cash for a...
  5. sanger

    Confession: I am a mooryaan too

    f*ck it here we go. [/SPOILER]