maritime border dispute

  1. Karim

    BREAKING NEWS OFFICIAL: KENYA withdraws from maritime dispute case with SOMALIA.
  2. Helios

    BREAKING NEWS ICJ rejected Kenya's request to delay the maritime dispute hearing

    Rebooting this October thread to see what everyone thinks now with the case imminent Between October and February we've seen - Beledxaawo clashes - SNA/KDF tension on the border - A SL & Kenyan consulate is set to open -...
  3. Helios

    What is Kenya Going To Do??

    If/When They Lose The Sea Case?
  4. Automaton

    Kenya is the Biggest Enemy of Somalia

    What is going in Kismayo is more significant than what some of the posters here implying. Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) is fighting a proxy war against Kenya. Kenya is using Madobe as a pawn to undermine the Somali government while controlling the port of Kismayo and suck up millions of...
  5. Nuur Iidaan

    Kenyan Calaacal is too Funny

    Imagine this much calaacal about Xamar/SFG, and they haven't even sprouted feet yet. :pachah1::russ::deadmanny::drakelaugh::chrisfreshhah: Open season is round the corner for these Kikuyu/Luo fataals. @Armadillo @Apollo Great Lake regions here we come :ahh::lolbron: Make all of East...