1. Cam

    Family of woman accused of posing as a man in Galkacyo (GM side) speaks out

    The story never made sense 1)This woman could never pass as a man 2) If she tried she would be killed 3) She is living in hostile territory SUMMARY: She was taken from the PL side of GK to the GM side by random men (God knows what they did to her) now all of a sudden she is thrown in jail and...
  2. Karim

    FARMAAAAJO is officially a HAG prisoner. WTF is wrong with him?!!

    He appointed several significant positions for the Hawiye tribe to please them. The FGS is no longer based on 4.5 system.. from now on is Hawiye.5| Look at his embarrassing new appointees: 1-Dr. Aamina Siciid Cali new Chief of Staff.: Beesha Hawiye/Habrgidir/Sacad. 2- S/Gaas Daahir Aadan Cilmi...
  3. Karim

    The noiseless genocide of the '90s.

    The Rahanwayn genocide: This noiseless genocide happened between 1992-1993 after USC (HG) and SNF(Marehan) fought over The control of Baydhabo. The majority of this atrocity are on the Marehans as they purposely plotted the cleansing of the Rahanwayns in Bay, Bakool and Middle Jubba. More than...
  4. Karim

    BREAKING: Hassan Ali Kheyre picks his cabinet. FULL LIST and their CLANS.

    BEESHA DAAROOD. 1- Cabdi Faarax Juxa Wasiirka Arrimaha Gudaha, ( Majeerteen , Ciise Maxmuud). 2- C/raxmaan Xoosh Jibriil Wasiirka Dastuurka, Leelkase. 3- Amb. Jamaal Hassan Wasiirka Qorsheynta iyo iskaashiga Caalamiga, Daarood, Warsangeli. 4- Maxamed C/llaahi Salaad Wasiirka Gaadiidka Cirka iyo...