1. JudgeJoeGorilla

    I Was Wrong For Defending The LGBT

    The T's are batcrap insane and are trying to cancel Carlos Satana for his opinion. This is what's causing friction on the Left I consider it a mental illness mixed with their environment.
  2. JudgeJoeGorilla

    These Anti-LGBTQ Threads Are Disgusting

    I can understand not agreeing with the lifestyle, but hating these people's existence is utterly disgusting. No one wants to be born Gay or Bisexual. These some LGBT people on this forum you just don't know about them. I let people live as long as they don't harm children or innocent people.
  3. S

    Somali LGBT puts out another fire single/remix

    :z1banet::z1banet::z1banet: We're going out this year on a high @Knowles @AussieHustler @Baki @simulacrum @Emily @Reiko :pachah1:
  4. L

    Are there Somali Lesbians?

    Are there Somali Lesbians on these forums? I have heard of gay Somali men. I was wondering if there were gay Somali women. Have you heard of any?
  5. N

    Qaamuus - LGBTQ

    Salam, ma ogtihiin what I found well hidden in the kitchen behind dusuuda?!!:icon e confused: So we have finally got a somali LGBTQ glossary translated from Swedish. I thought it was interesting that they defined Transexual as ”Cudur”:cryinglaughsmiley:if they knew it waa la karbaashi lahaa...
  6. S

    Fleeing islam: Gay refugee who was denied for not knowing colors of the gay flag gets to stay

    This is an increasing problem with LGBT asylum claims with lack of rationally based criteria. The case shows a severe lack of rational requirements, procedural mistakes by not interviewing the partner of the gay man, and lastly not accessing the case with a sufficient factual basis. Also I did...
  7. S

    LGBT members of Somalispot, the list will be updated as the coming outings happen

    Confirmed: @AbdiJohnson (Gay, I still don't believe) @Amira (Transgender/bi) @Air Jalam (Gay) @Steamdevolopment (Bi-curious) Suspected: @Jeesto = Bisexual @VixR = Bi-curious @Itshannah = I miss her :liberaltears:
  8. iui

    russian politician with a special message

    Your thoughts :geek: Washed with shampoo savage :mjlol::chrisfreshhah: