1. Manafesto

    OPINION 30 years on, Somaliland is poor and still struggles for international recognition(AfricaNewsReport)
  2. The Somali Caesar

    Dr Umar Johnson shuts down LGBT femenist Shaniqua

    I can’t lie I used to think Dr Umar Johnson was just a meme. He’s actually a very articulate dude it’s just the way he comes across is memeable :wow1:
  3. abdullah233

    Alphabet people claim they are demisexual

    It’s being straight but with extra steps
  4. Awdalia Rising

    Democrat Release LGBT gay dude Anti-Trump Ad on TV

    Khaniis running for office in Maryland releases ad of him kissing his boyfriend with 2 random black kids sitting next to them and says “Take that trump” :gucciwhat: Wtf is wrong with Democrats “Take that trump” kulaha, was your LGBT kiss suppose to do some ting? This is how Democrat’s...
  5. Waaqo of Punt

    Reer UK Lander promoted to HEAD CHEF at BUCKINGHAM PALACE

    Thoughts on this @Basra @Cognitivedissonance @Inquisitive_
  6. S

    How does Somalispot feel about LGBT Somalis and the rights that they should have?

    In the light of Christmas let us settle the understanding of LGBT people and their role within our community :) I'd like for all to contribute and make their opinions heard even if they are extreme or hurtful to some LGBTers :) And for LGBT members to be heard @GlitzyCue_ @AbdiJew @Air...
  7. Jodeci

    You take your child to the Library, and you see this, what do you do?

    Disclaimer I have nothing against the LGBT community :lolbron:
  8. Sixth

    AbdiJohnson in real life