language learning

  1. Smokybob03

    Best way for a disaspora Somali to re-learn their mother tongue if they are not fluent conversationally ?

    Salam people, I understand the language single mother raised but due to circumstances I was taken to a foster home at 12. Now 26 and my skill level orally is that of a toddler unfortunately. Don’t see a time in my near future where I could take 3 months off work to live in Somalia full time to...
  2. alien


    Does anyone speak af maymay. If anyone here speaks af maymay can you give some words that are different to af maxa tiri and their meanings
  3. Medulla

    How to learn Spanish! A guide for Geeljires

    Made the following comment a a while back for those of you interested feel free to read below and become Spanish Geeljires before you know it! If you are able to learn Somali grammar and spelling there is no reason why spanish should be diffcult for you at all! Avoid Argentina spanish they are...
  4. Medulla

    Great Website to learn the mother language How much is this? kun gatiin meeqa? See many similarities such as this one above exists, if you can speak somali already in six months you'll be able to speak oromoo fluently. There isn't any audio right now but that is coming soon I'll keep you guys updated we...
  5. Odkac WRLD

    Learning Somali from scratch through immersion

    If you drop a Hooyo Mataalo kid in Somalia, how long would it take for them to speak A1 af soomali- seeing that they are completely immersed in it. personally I believe two months is good for basic Somali, 3-6 and there a pro. thoughts?
  6. Helios

    I can't speak Somali

    As you can read in the title of this thread I am completely incapable of speaking Af Somali. I understand a few words but my parents who were both fluent in English by the time I was born never really taught me. I live in a white neighborhood in Canada at least an hour away from relatives (also...
  7. CaliTedesse

    I changed my mind

    @Apollo changed my mind. I will learn French, which I already was thought in High School but largely forgot, but easy to pick up and I will add German too, after I learned French. This way I will get offered more jobs in Europe.Plus they largely speak French in Africa too. So for now French...