1. Invader

    Somaliland and Somalia unity may happen.
  2. Cumar

    Somaliland community receives 5000 acres of land in Naivasha, Kenya

    Well done to my brothers in Kenya. :samwelcome: @Gadiid @Hybrid @waraabe @Gucci mane @Lancer @Saalax Bidaar @Prince Abubu
  3. Futurist

    Republic of Somaliland was never colonised

    To say that Somaliland was a colony is offensive. As far as Somaliland is concerned, it's not historically accurate. Somalia Italiana was a full blown colony with upto 60,000 white Italians settlers. Somaliland was not a colony, it was only a protectorate of Great Britain, with whom it had...
  4. Futurist

    Young Lander on Somali Corner 100% on the money

    Walahi he speaks the truth 1000% Never let them silence you akhi Jazāk Allāhu Khayran the SL nation is with you The lander with the hat is a doqon traitor sucking up
  5. Silky

    No such thing as Somalilander

    "Somalilanders" should change their current demonym cos that is clunky, inelegant and difficult to say. It should be somali because that is what the people are and is what they speak. Somalis of Somalia don't own the name just as they dont own the language or ethinicity It's like ROK and DPRK...
  6. S

    Somali man spends £1m on lottery tickets

    This faraax lost his family cuz of his addiction. Anyone know where he is now?
  7. ExcessFame

    Tranny strikes again!

    He's now claiming Ethiopian :drakelaugh::drakelaugh::drakelaugh::drakelaugh: