kenya vs somalia

  1. BetterDaysAhead

    NEWS Farmajo's regime conflict with Kenya escalates Suna East MP Junet Mohamed said, “Mr. Speaker, I want to support the chairman’s statement. What amazes me about Somalia is that the election campaign here in Nairobi is more...
  2. kickz

    Kikyus cry that Kenya is about to lose Jubbaland to Somalia

    This Kikyu is the husband of Kenya's foreign minister Monica Juma So much BS spouted here about reversing peace building when Shabaab holds the capitol of Jubbaland :mjlol: Another mistake he made is this will be an Somali National Army-Danab led operation.
  3. kickz

    Uhuru: KDF will not withdraw from Somalia until Al-Shabaab surrenders

    In other words, they aren't leaving, until we force them out :mjkkk: "Kenya Defense Forces working under AMISOM in Somalia will after all have to stay in the war torn country longer that it was expected, it has emerged." "Tentatively, Defense headquarters had proposed 2021 as the strategic...
  4. kickz

    Somalia trolls Kenya and poses in picture with ICJ chief judge

    This is right after Kenya's motion against Somalia was rejected at the UN yesterday:mjlol: The judge a Somali, who will preside over the Kenya vs Somalia case in the next 2 weeks is in the middle here with our Ambassador to the UN on the right:pachah1:
  5. Bohol

    Ilhan Omar speaks against Kenya attacks on Somali telecommunication companies in south Somalia

  6. kickz

    Kenya destroying telephone towers in Jubbaland

    I wonder if Madoobe will say anything :hmm:
  7. kickz

    ICJ case hearing Somalia vs Kenya starts Monday

    Judgement will be in September Ofcourse we have an MJ ace as chief of the judges, so we can't lose:denzelnigga:
  8. kickz

    Kenya Elected Chair of CGPCS (monitors piracy in Somali waters)

    This is a hostile take over of our waters and nothing to do with piracy:mjkkk: How should Somalia respond?:cosbyhmm: