1. Helios

    Somalia's Most Enduring Politician

    Madoobe has now officially outlasted Sheekh Sharif, HSM x1, and Farmaajo while in office as Madaxweynaha Jubbaland
  2. warside

    NEWS World Bank suggests Puntland & Jubbaland should give 20% of Port Revenue to Port less States.

    In a meeting between the federal government and federal states the World Bank presented this thought on revenue sharing arrangements for Somalia. The idea proposes the establishment of an equalization pot into which port states contribute 20% of their international trade receipts, such that all...
  3. Helios

    Breaking: Abdullahi Abdislan Killed

    AUN, He was the head of Amal Bank Kismayo
  4. Helios

    Al Shabaab Release Photos of Jubbaland Attack

    Niggas are flexing doo.faar for igu sawiir :icon lol:
  5. tyrannicalmanager

    JUBALAND Jubaland Development Topic

  6. Veteran

    Somali Nature Thread

    I will be dedicating this thread to posting natural beauty of all the regions in Somalia. Add pictures yourself if you want to.
  7. tyrannicalmanager

    jubbaland forces bust al-shabaab assassination network

    jl admin saving lives from al-Khawarij one step at a time:qri8gs7:
  8. F

    Ethiopia: New Janaale/Dawa Dam 99% Complete

    https://constructionreviewonline.com/2019/11/genale-dawa-iii-hydropower-project-in-ethipoia-99-complete/ How in the hell hasn't the FGS addressed this issue?
  9. towerheist

    Kismayo roars back to business under KDF

    In Kismayo town they hoot loudly, overlap, pick and drop passengers in the middle of the road causing nasty traffic snarl ups. It is hard to imagine this sea port city was ravaged by war some years ago. Businesses have gradually picked up and public beaches are filling up again. Only an...
  10. Nuur Iidaan

    Kenyan Calaacal is too Funny

    Imagine this much calaacal about Xamar/SFG, and they haven't even sprouted feet yet. :pachah1::russ::deadmanny::drakelaugh::chrisfreshhah: Open season is round the corner for these Kikuyu/Luo fataals. @Armadillo @Apollo Great Lake regions here we come :ahh::lolbron: Make all of East...
  11. GBTarmy

    Koyama island

    such beauty
  12. DR OSMAN

    Kismayo - New Estate Bilan. Proposed

    Madaxweynaha Jubbaland oo dhagax-dhigay Xaafad Cusub oo laga dhisayo Magaalada kismaayo-Sawiro Posted: Mohamed Jeenyo - January 25, 2018 Leave a Comment Madaxweynaha Dowlad Goboleedka Jubbaland ee Soomaaliya Mudane Axmed Maxamed Islaam ayaa dhagax-dhigay dhismaha Xaafad Cusub oo laga...