1. Soconmayso Jirjirooni

    Sub-Saharan n1ggas are winning here!!

    Black faaraxs are being fetishized over here in T8rkey for that well known reason and are nothing less than a trend. Every T8rkish xaliimo wants to dig deep into that BBC stereotype.. but Sub-Saharan madows are winning and taking advantage of that while fob faaraxs are running after other fob...
  2. S

    MADOW girl makes song about FARAX after he CHEATS on her

    This girl found out her bf 'abdi' cheated on her and she confronted him Man said 'get out of my yard blud' as soon as he saw her :pachah1: Then she decides to make a heartbreak song about him
  3. T

    would you marry a person who was freaky in the past?

    Personally I'm going to vet any potential for weeks, going to ask their family/friends/teachers, check their social media and go on the deep web. If I cant find anything I'll ask my homeboys to hit up her friends, get to know them then slowly pressure them for info about my xalimo. This way...
  4. R

    Would you marry a non Somali person?

    And if yes then what ethnicity would you like to marry? Are there certain countries you wouldn’t like to mix with?
  5. NAAFO

    Soo Gaala please it isn't just us

    Following much observation on this forum on a topic that has been much sought after as a source of contention I'm here to inform you that this is an issue that affects many communities especially other black and african cultures the point of this post is to dispell certain misconceptions, myths...
  6. CanIDimo

    interracial: Woke White Women, mashallah

    I love the sarcasm in this video although it's over done
  7. madaxweyn

    Let's be honest Somali & Cadaan is a beautiful mix

    Both their dads are Somali :jcoleno:
  8. Lancer

    Somali girls getting bold!

  9. Waxwaalan

    Non Somalis come in :) <3

    I’ve noticed there are more & more non geeljires on here these days. :leon: I’m not as active on here as i used to be :yloezpe: Anyways, i find it interesting :) Where are ya’ll from? And how did ya’ll find this site. Let’s have a nice convo & get to know eachother :ohdamn::samwelcome:
  10. Waxwaalan

    Aabe siyaad with his secret lover babatunde aka harambe

    breaking news waaryada! soo yaaca soo yaaca haayaay! ileen aabaheen ninkan buu la joogey in burundi hoogayeeey waxa la yidhi ”meel laguu jecelyahay hadad ka tagtid, meel laguu necebyahay ayaad gaadhi doonta” -Cilmi Boodhari ohmagawdd im so shocked sheeko cajiib ah wale iyo bileh...