1. Manafesto

    NEWS Somaliland citizens and traders want to move out to Somalia after a major drought,Inflation,high fuel prices & business manoply hit the region

    I have predicted this few months back, what is up with Somaliland and manoply? Don't they realize if you give only one company the right to import a merchandise they will definitely exploit the poor folks in the desert region and skyrocket the prices. Muse Bihi and his UAE based Bussiness...
  2. Manafesto

    NEWS A Prominent Sheikh Criticises Somaliland's President for Widespread Unemployment and depreciation of the SL shillings
  3. TabK

    Somaliland: 4.4%, One of the lowest inflation rates in East Africa

    The Somaliland Shilling was one of the few African currencies to gain on the US dollar. This is a remarkable achievement as this region is not known for stable currencies. Ethiopia for example has an inflation rate of 19%. You then have eye-watering levels in the Puntland region of Somalia at...