1. CanIDimo

    How recent are Somalis to Australia

    lately i have been finding myself in the weird part of somali diaspora youtube and Somali Australian have really caught my attention, they truly are like no other somali diaspora group :what: Their mannerism seem especially fob'ish to me :patrice:, like they were just recently smuggled into...
  2. Cumar

    British white people set to become a minority in Birmingham by 2021, says report
  3. Idil-Beydaan

    “They are among the poorest, worst-educated and least-employed in Britain.”

    ”They are among the poorest, worst-educated and least-employed in Britain. In a country where other refugees have flourished, why do Somalis do so badly?” ‘’nearly 4,000 Somalis, 73% live in households on benefits. More than 50% of British Somalis rent from local councils, the highest proportion...
  4. Tywin Mejerteen

    K'naan makes a Pro Immigrant song that goes viral

    K naan is a very smart man. He has realized there is nothing in the Somali community so he does these kinda songs every 5 years to stay relevant
  5. Prince Abubu

    The New Germans

    Aljazeera's strong efforts to promote "cadaan-genocide". @Amun you were right.:mjlol: Can you imagine a programme called "The New Saudis" starring African migrants? Right-wing nationalism for arabs and Left-wing multiculturalism for the cadaans.:mjcry: