1. IftiinOfLife

    What has Palestine done for Ilhan Omar?

    :damedamn: Can someone please explain , all I see are arabs attacking her , because she spoke up for their stupid rights.
  2. Tukraq

    ilhan Omar support trending on twitter worldwide

    #istandwithilhan is trending worldwide on twitter right now and some sspoters were hating while she becomes universally known
  3. Bilal410

    Gulf Arabs hiring trolls and propaganda firms to attack Ilhan Omar Its not just Ilhan but also the Muslim demsthat got elected to the US house.
  4. A

    Ilhan omar in maroon 5 video!

    My Somali friend asked me if I recognised the Somali woman in a music video as he had seen her somewhere before. I looked at the video and I see Ilhan Omar in the music video. Shit is hilarious. She appears at 3:50
  5. M

    Ilhan Omar supporters claim misogyny behind her failed DFL endorsement

    Hudda Ibrahim, a St. Cloud Tech and Community College faculty member and editor-in-chief at, watched a live stream of last weekend's proceedings. It didn't surprise in the least. After all, Ibrahim says, Omar isn't just going up against other candidates. She's also contending...