1. Internet Nomad

    Somali Swords

    Does anyone have more information on this type of sword in somalia. I know a lot about somali kingdoms such as ajuuran and adal but we have very little information about the weapons that was used. I intend this thread to be a place where we can discuss the weaponry that was used in Somalia at...
  2. Mugi

    Baraawe Lighthouse- Jilaani Island

    Here is the link to an old short youtube video I've found interesting, in which Shaykh Jawari, a known Tunni elder, makes a tour of the Jiilani Island with the lighthouse for the Dalsoor youtube channel and talks about the history of the area.
  3. Marshall D Abdi

    HomeTeam History finally posts Abyssinian Conquest

  4. Sixiroole10

    Does anyone have a pdf for Futuh Al Habesh

    Im looking for an English pdf version off Futuh Al Habesh. I would greatly appreciate it if someone did and could post it on here. Thank you
  5. Superiorabdi

    What's the history on Taleex?

    I have always known about Taleex and it's history but I'm starting to question a lot things regarding it. The reason for this is because recently the Sphinx has been discovered to be a lot older than the claimed 4500 years old. The weathering around the Sphinx suggests it's 6000-12,000 years...
  6. cocteau

    ask me anything uglies

    @Realwarya @NewYork + the rest of u