1. SilcisGorgate

    Tall niggas I need some advise

    Both my older brothers are 6,3+ so growing up I always thought I’d be tall but these past couple weeks I’ve been stressing. I’m turning 18 in July and im still 5,8 5,9. Did you guys grow past 18? and can you tell me any foods that can help me grow taller. Would gym help me grow taller?
  2. K

    What’s Your Height? (Geeljire Edition)

    This is for the men, what’s your barefoot height abiihin cuune? Remember be honest :hemad: Don’t be surprised if u a tall nigga and SSpot Xalimoids be all in your DMs after this.:whoo:
  3. Odkac WRLD

    The truth about why Somalia is in constant stagnation.

    This my TedTalk basically. As a man of tall stature alx, there are many benefits to this life. I command (undeserved) respect when I enter the room. :denzelnigga: I'm going to fill you in on something. According to the Economic Times, men earn 2.5% more per year for each additional inch of...
  4. Odkac WRLD

    Are you under 20 years old and interested in getting taller?

    Yoga yes, yoga. Beginning of 12tg grade alhamdullilah I was 6’1. I was pretty sure I was done growing, and 6’1 is an admirable height but I wanted to be 6’6 :mjlol: I picked this gym elective Yoga cause it seemed easy and there would be a lot of cadaan girls there. BIG WIN!:chrisfreshhah: all...
  5. Nostalgia

    Does his height matter?

    I just have a question for the sisters here, do you find men shorter than you attractive? Could you see yourself marrying a man shorter than you I mean 5 cm or shorter.
  6. Odkac WRLD

    Interesting thing I noticed about height

    I was reading somewhere the three things men lie about the most are income, height, and penile length (jk lol) obviously I understand why men would lie about income, but I feel like height doesn’t apply to us geeljires. We are a tall people. I’m 6’2 still growing and I’m sure majority of men...
  7. M

    OFFCIAL CENSUS. Vote which height range you are in!

    I don’t want to see no lies. State your true height. we seem to have a bunch of 6ft plus Somalis here and I know for a fact half of you be like 5’5 or something. No height-shaming allowed ladies and gentlemen. let’s see how tall - or how short- the Somalis are.