1. Bohol

    SOMALILAND Hargeisa Development Thread

    Well done the HY owned company of Daryeel doing big things. Warka Masuuliyinta Shirkada Dhismaha Ee Daryeel Oo Daah Furay 300 Oo Guri
  2. Kezira

    Secessionists Jeegaan will never reach aqoonsi

  3. macaan

    Hargeisa history

    According to most oral accounts, Hargeisa was founded by the Ciidagale clan in the early 1800s as a trading/caravan stop between Berbera to the north, Harar to the west, and the Ogaden (Somali Galbeed) to the south. But it was the arrival of Sheikh Madar, a Qadiri scholar from Berbera, that made...
  4. Thugnificent

    land/food prices

    do any of you know the prices of vegetables like tomatoes/ letuce etc. and how much does a plot of land (20x20m) cost in hargeysa or arabsiyo. the reason why i want to know is below. i'm interested to start a semi farm in the hargeysa/arabsiyo region. my plan is to buy a plot of land...
  5. E

    Hargeisa: The Somali metropolis

  6. Inquisitive_

    Homosexual Party in Hargaisa

  7. Simodi

    Star Transportation Coming Soon!