1. Helios

    HISTORY Historic Photos from the Paulitschke Expedition

    Phillipe Paulitschke was a French explorer who visited the Waqooyi and continued to Harar in the 1880s. Here's the link Zeylac An Cisse Dir Geeljire at a well The Emir of Harar Abdallah Ibn Ali Abdishakur Harari citizen Zeyla looking towards the northern coast Cisse Ugaas Rooble...
  2. tyrannicalmanager

    muslim harari genocide

    full article: https://www.ethiopia-insight.com/2020/03/11/harar-without-hararis/
  3. CaliTedesse

    NEW Ethiopian representative to Somaliland, Shamsudin Rooble.

    Ethiopia chooses Shamsudin Rooble from the noble Harawo people as representative to Somaliland
  4. Jodeci

    Yusuf bin Ahmad al-Kawneyn

    I saw this quote in another thread, then read the entire Wikipedia page.:mjhaps: Our history is so nice :mjkkk: A plaque of his name in Asia Biography Sheikh Yusuf Al-Kawneyn was a Somali scholar who studied in Zayla and later in Iraq. As a result of his studies in Iraq, he was given the...
  5. Rooble

    Great Historical Image - Ugaas Rooble in Harrar 1888

    Ugaas Rooble. King Rooble He also married a female relative of the designated but uncrowned Muslim Emperor of Ethiopia at that time, Iyasu V. Designated, but uncrowned Muslim Emperor of Ethiopia, Yasu 5 @sophisticate @ReeBorama @Somali psycho @Simodi @sosomali @Kezira
  6. Young Popeye

    Kulub Movement Harar/Ogaden's attempt to join Somalia LEGALLY

    After Italy's defeat in World War 2, Harargay which encompassed the Harari and Somali Ogaden regions, fell under British authority. The Italians made a strong case at the United Nations that Ethiopia should not have dominion over this region. The British feeling embarrassed at the international...