1. Febbie

    What makes you happy in life?

    I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Mainly because I am so dissatisfied with how my life has been over the past few years. I am slowing making steps to improve that. What I want to know is, what makes you happy generally. I know it’s a vague and broad question. But you can reply...
  2. Boqor

    Somalia ranked 6th happiest nation in Africa

    I think Islam plays a big role in this as it teaches us to have patience during hard times. :):):):):):):):):):) @Jiron probably going to lose his shit when he sees this
  3. S

    Happiness index shows Somalia is the 5h happiest country in africa and ahead of Ehtiopia and Kenya

    Best countries: 1: Norway 2: Denmark 3: Iceland 4: Switzerland 5: Finalnd All social-democratic countries with the exception of Switzerland Worst countries: 151. Rwanda (3.471) 152. Syria (3.462) 153. Tanzania (3.349) 154. Burundi (2.905) 155. Central African Republic (2.69...
  4. DeMoN

    Today is

    Last friday of Ramadan, time flies real quick it feels like yesterday when we were preparing for this blessed month. May Allah accept all of our duas and Ibaadah, amiin.