1. G

    Should the North dissolve SL?

    Real talk. No tribalism. Should the North meet with the South on dissolving both RSL and FGS or creating a new entity SUPERIOR to both SL and FGS? So both FGS and RSL continue to exist for the south and north, respectively under a new union government?
  2. Karim

    FARMAAAAJO is officially a HAG prisoner. WTF is wrong with him?!!

    He appointed several significant positions for the Hawiye tribe to please them. The FGS is no longer based on 4.5 system.. from now on is Hawiye.5| Look at his embarrassing new appointees: 1-Dr. Aamina Siciid Cali new Chief of Staff.: Beesha Hawiye/Habrgidir/Sacad. 2- S/Gaas Daahir Aadan Cilmi...
  3. Rise

    HAG's candidates for Puntland Presidency

    Number one candidate; Saciid Denni. Sponsored by Supreme HAGist Inquisitive. https://www.somalispot.com/threads/lets-vote-for-saciid-denni.46512/ Allegedly funded by Damul Jadiid. http://allsanaag.com/said-deni-*****-waa-xasan-sheekh-damul-jadiid-*****/ They even hired Fiska to sing for...