1. Sultan A. Sheikh

    Possibility of a Greater Somalia ?

    What’s the possibility of a Greater Somalia - a Somali Republic merging all the FGS & FMS (Puntland, Jubaland, Somaliland etc.) along with the occupied land in Ogaden seeing as Ethiopia will become the next Yugoslavia and also the Northern Eastern region in Kenya?
  2. GemState

    Is continued American hegemony a good thing?

  3. Helios

    The Century of Humiliation and China's Mindset

  4. Helios

    ANALYSIS The Chinese Himalayan Strategy and Tibet

    Again a great video from Shirvan Despite not being discussed in the video, it's important to note the victorious clashes with India and the upper hand that the Chinese state appears to hold The famous 60s war Map of the disputed areas India seems doomed and must accept China's...
  5. Helios

    ANALYSIS China's Silicon Valley - The Pearl River Delta

    As usual an excellent video from Shirvan and quite an eye opener on Chinese strategy moving forward. Massive population in a densely packed area and one of China's most productive regions. A historic map of the Delta
  6. Helios

    Thoughts on CaspianReport?

    I find his geopolitics videos to be thoroughly informative although he seems to have a pro US bias. @Apollo @sincity @GBTarmy @Yahya @Al Muslim @Ayubi @AbdiGeedi
  7. The alchemist

    CaspianReport Geopolitics of Game of Thrones

    This was unexpected. :icon lol:
  8. Thegoodshepherd

    An interesting analysis of the geopolitics of the Horn.
  9. Prince Abubu

    Things don't look good for Somalis...

    حسن سجواني Hassan Sajwani (@HSajwanization) Tweeted: How the #UAE brought millions of hearts together ... #Eritrea #Ethiopia #ThankYou @MohamedBinZayed Our enemies are uniting. We need to unite, fix our problems or we will soon be extinct. :damn: Yes, that means you...