1. dsab

    GENETICS R0a2?

    Got my 23 and me results. They said my haplogroup is r0a2. 1st all the way to 5th generation my family are east african. After the 5th gen they said 6th generation all the way passed 8+ are all egyptian. R0a is a arabian peninsula (persian origin). They said my haplo came from there and...
  2. P

    Afars have higher amount of haplogroup J than Somalis and Tigrayans ???

    How is that Afars(33%) have the highest amount of haplogroup J in the horn after the Amharas(35%)? Shouldn't it be Tigrayans>Amharas>Afar? And why do somalis basically have none?
  3. Boogie

    Should I get a dna test

    If u are wondering I am a majeerteen