1. Manafesto

    UPDATE The International Election observers criticize Somaliland elections in a new report and suggests political party reforms free from clan affiliation

    International election observers have file their final report on Somaliland’s polls held at the end of May. The document praises the holding of balloting, but expresses serious criticism of the Hargeisa’s electoral system. And most significantly, the report expresses regret that no women were...
  2. Cigal Shidaad

    Secessionists use a dead man photo to promote their region

    Link of the deceased white man : Niggas esorted to stealing and assuming the ‘identity’ of dead white men :snoop::lolbron::dead1:
  3. 4head

    Jordan Peterson is a FRAUD§§

    He supports his friend, Ben Shapiro, a proud jew who's sionist and a proud American. And many of you know at least one of these guys. J.Peterson doesn't support European Identitarian groups. Because "they are nationalists and white pride". But he remains silent when it comes to the jewish pride...
  4. A

    Got into a fight with a Somali odey in Dubai airport in 2008

    Basically everyone who goes to Dubai will know that the Somali taxi drivers at the airport will try to rip you off. They don't use a meter even though every taxi does. They will charge you the normal rate per passenger instead of normsl rate for everyone. For example dubai airport to deira(gold...
  5. Jodeci

    Exposed: How Arab insitutions in North America, claim Somali populations as Arab for Funding

    Another expose by Jodeci :mjswag: I am here to expose how Arab Institutions and Organizations in North America, Point 1.Claim the Somali population as Arab, do not provide any services to the Somali community at all, but use our population numbers to get money for their causes only Point...
  6. Bohol

    Should Silanyo be charged for fraud?

    How can a person be born in two different places and different years? His voting card in 2010 Place of birth: Yelay/Sool DOB: 04/12/1936 His voting card 2014 Place of birth: Burco DOB:3/8/1942