1. Manafesto

    🇸🇱Puntland Republic 24th August 1st 2022 celebration's official Thread 🇸🇴

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~PuntlandRepublic~~~~~~~~~~~ Happy 24th year anniversary of the Blessed Puntland Republic, I wholeheartedly applaud Puntlanders around the globe to celebrate this upcoming August 1 celebrations in a great spirits and more blessing to come, we are truly grateful for the peace...
  2. government

    Somalia Market Data Update
  3. Xooshdheere

    Abshir Muse, Independent Africa's first Police Commander

    Independent Africa's and Somalia's first ever Police Commander Gen Mohamed Abshir Muse dies at a Minnesota hospital aged 91. AUN. Muse worked his way up to become a commandant in the Somali Defence forces from 1958 to 1960 and then opted to join the Somali Police Force upon its inception...
  4. M

    British MP shot twice and stabbed by assailant

    :browtf: He shouted "Britain First". It's time to get the heck off this grey island. BREAKING NEWS: Labour MP fighting for life after being shot three times - once in the head - by attacker 'who shouted Britain First then kicked her while she lay bleeding from the face'...
  5. M

    Donald Trump's first TV ad is hilarious

    This is not fake.