1. Kizaru

    American Yankee's Humiliated after being forced out of Niger.

    Nigga like: "how did this morbidly obese shoeless guy just tell us to f*ck off :ShockedBihi: " Chad Motumbu laughs while yt yankee gets told to f*ck off
  2. Boogie


    What food should I eat to turn fat I eat baasto cereal eggs usually sometimes pizza then a ton of fruits and veggies and then some vegetable juice blend not mich else what more should I eat
  3. 7Rinx

    Losing weight

    Anyone here on a weight loss journey or on a great diet? I would love to hear your tips and tricks!
  4. CaliTedesse

    So I met this girl

    I was talking to her suddenly a hippo walked by basically a fat female with dirty ass very big plumpy and fat ass very disproportionate, So I said something and started laughing a bit about it and this qumayo(btw shes cadaan) I was talking too starting giving me a lecture on bodyshaming I looked...
  5. AarHawd_7

    Aar is giving up on dating walaalayaal

    Not made for me, I’m just gonna ask hooyo to find me malab back home cuzz the Xaaliimos over here are done out here. Imagine this girl I used to see years ago phoned me the other day. She moved to Doha years ago and came back to London the other day. I told her lets go for breakfast (that was...
  6. BanskiFaarax

    Fat Xalimos

    Even tho i love my xalimos, the amount of FAT xalimos compared to the FIT looking ones is unreal. out of every 10 xalimos i see every day only 1 or 2 are fit and the rest be looking like
  7. S

    Reddit user calls every Somali female 'fat'

    Are all geeljire females fat and males skinny in UK?