1. Abkaal

    Modern Nomads: How Much Mehr money is too much

    @Knowles soo gal :siilaanyolaugh: @Buuq @RICH @Buraanbur911 @Desert Flower @Factz
  2. S

    Segsi and Looking for Sharci

    Back home, brothers have made a beeline for the gym. Why? :farmajoyaab: To devise a plan of attack for sharci. Target audience - Western Xalimos. Competition - Western Faraxs. Local guys have found a ch*nk in the armor of their competition. Western Faraxs suffer from a little something called...
  3. PiratePrincess

    Farax caught on "How to catch a predator".

    :damn::deadmanny: The Somali pedophile's name is @Yonis :deadosama: At around 42:40