1. Boogie

    There is some major cap going on...

    A lot of people on here claim they are light skin with small noses jileec hair eat healthy 24/7 and make a lot of money and workout. Also no one comes from a .5 minority
  2. 486th President

    Let’s hear your voice

    I’ve seen some of y’all bullying each other about age or gender But now no one has an excuse send the voice so I can know who’s male or female I’m calling everyone fam no one is safe tonight @Bronco @Garen @Halimo Supremist @Shmurda @Susa @x z @IgaFuuq @Nafiso Qalanjo And...
  3. Helios

    The Good Exposed

    Look at this khaniis :eek: SIMP
  4. Kezira

    UPDATE Guinea apologizes to Somalia. L for Somaliland region of Somalia

    Big L for the Children of Satan the Jeeganistan who occupy Northern union territories.
  5. CaliTedesse

    UmmAbdullah the Niqabi EXPOSED

  6. Cigaal

    Iranian shi'ism exposed

  7. Zach

    I showed my face

    did anyone see my face while it was up? My full face I mean
  8. DRACO

    Abdi Ileey approached and exposed kkk

    "fack you":mjlol::chrisfreshhah: What a coward , man was shivering :cryinglaughsmiley:
  9. Jodeci

    Exposed: How Arab insitutions in North America, claim Somali populations as Arab for Funding

    Another expose by Jodeci :mjswag: I am here to expose how Arab Institutions and Organizations in North America, Point 1.Claim the Somali population as Arab, do not provide any services to the Somali community at all, but use our population numbers to get money for their causes only Point...
  10. K

    Habiba Da Silva EXPOSED!!!

    I fucking knew it:hillarybiz: