ethnic violence

  1. Hamzarashid

    What fate has in store for the people of the galbeed

    I'm questioning the legitimacy of Mustafa Omar and the role he plays as regional leader. I felt to understand how a man can be so pathetic in the face of a few men and for him to fold under pressure in addition to acting like nothing is happening and he has the audacity to bring Laascaanood...
  2. Manafesto

    DEVELOPING NEWS Lawless Sool Militia in Puntland region shoot the Son of Renowned Somali Peot Jamac Kediye's Son in the head in a Subclan revenge attack

    This is sad, When will these backward War mogering savages STOP this two century bloodshed among themselves or with other regional neighbors???? Will they stop it when they go instinct...
  3. TekNiKo

    NEWS SNA and GM forces arrive to stop fighting in Balanbale peace reigns again

    the Ugaas has also arrived in Balanbal @Bariire this shows GM is maturing state and can solve clan conflicts peacefully
  4. Genghis Khan

    58 people are killed in Addis Ababa Today in ethnic war going on in the Capital.

    Amnesty international says 58 but local reports says more than 80 people are killed in the capital of Ethiopia.