1. Abdisamad

    New type of limousine invented in Somaliland

    Look at this limo.. Hargeysa style :banderas:
  2. DuctTape

    Somali Architecture

    Somali Architecture Ancient Cairns dating back to before Islam Historic Qandala castle town Mohammed Abdullah Hassan's fort in Talex Another angle: Historical citadel ruins in Gondershe Dervish castle in Eyl City of Merka Ruins of Amud, an ancient ruined town in Northern...
  3. TenTee

    Any Engineers? (students or pros)

    I haven't seen many Somalis at my university studying engineering... I am curious whether or not we have many engineers. Post what kind of engineer you are, or if you know someone who is an engineer, and what you would like to do (or already do, if you are a professional) with your degree. I...