1. HIBAQ123

    History of the Black Death - very interesting documentary

  2. Aurelian

    The Dissident (Documentary)

    insightful documentary on the murder of Jamal Kashoggi, that is absolutely worth seeing. It touches on relevant topics, such as freedom of speech, human rights, Saudi propaganda, etc. They interview various peoples such as the journalist's fiancee Hatice Cengiz, other dissidents & human rights...
  3. L

    positive video about somalia

    some facts even I didn’t know, very interesting:
  4. S

    Birth of a Nation (Historical documentary of Somalia)

    Mashallah look at the unity of the Somalis back then :salute: I don't usually tag people but this is worth sharing
  5. I

    Documentary: Brave bantus liberating Mogadishu from UAE/Somaliland backed al shabaab terrorist group

    This is what happens when your brainwashed and funded by arabs