1. The alchemist

    Red Meat Not Bad After All? A Study to Check Out For The Health And Non-Health Conscious People

    New Methodology to control for study outcome heterogeneity and comparative risk assessment for increased quality and expert subject deliberation transparency A study that tries to quantify the mean factor between risk exposure and disease. It claims that red meat is not as bad as previously...
  2. Smokybob03

    Change my view: Wheat is a poison that was introduced into our people by foreigners. It is not the natural food of our ancestors

    For the majority of our history our ancestors did not eat wheat or wheat based foods which made them tough, lean and upright. Wheat has made our people get fat easier when it’s not our natural body shape (we were meant to be lean). When the men or women get fat it looks very unnatural on us...
  3. 7Rinx

    Losing weight

    Anyone here on a weight loss journey or on a great diet? I would love to hear your tips and tricks!