1. Helios

    BREAKING NEWS UN Urges All FMS Leaders To Come to Dhusamareeb

    W for Failmaajo it seems :mjlaugh:
  2. Falcon

    NEWS Official Thread for the Conference in Dhusamareb

    President Abdi waare: President Abdiaziz Laftagraeen: President Abdullahi Deni: President Ahmed Madoobe: Post all the related posts in here to avoid going back and forth in different threads.
  3. Falcon

    Nearly 200 Haramcad Soldiers Airlifted From Dhusamareb, Amid Speculations About Their Withdrawal

    There are some conflicting reports spread throughout Facebook and Twitter about their departure. Some are claiming their departure from Dhusamareb was preplanned (which i doubt) and some claim their departure is due to (unofficial) the security concerns about haramcad, expressed by some state...