cursed people

  1. K

    Russian Guy goes to Hargeisa. HILARIOUS

    @Grigori Rasputin @Calaf
  2. D

    Are Somalis and its lands cursed?

    The drought followed by the tropical cyclone. If this was the West, the Islamic scholars would be saying it's a sign from God of his anger with its people like when East Coast US was hit by a series of hurricanes and blizzards in a short span. I don't know, but Somalis have consistently had bad...
  3. Zach

    Harassed by Somali

    salam, so I was sitting in a train on my way to my sister, just minding my business and drinking a bottle of water, when I heard that guys laughing across from me, btw I had my headphones on, so I turned the music off to listen and I am not kidding they were talking about me, saying that I am...
  4. Duchess

    Breaking News: Somali woman kidnapped and raped by 5 men in Kuwait :pacspit: