1. Prince Abubu

    Do Oromo People Exist?

    I've never seen these mofos outside of Somaliland/Somalia. How come if there's so many of them, I've never seen them in the UK? Even the ones in HRG are probably just funny-talking Dir. #OromoConspiracy
  2. L

    Rest in Power, Michael Jackson, The King of Pop!

  3. L

    The replacement theory ep.1

  4. G

    Internet Out in South Somalia

    Currently there is an internet blackout in southern somalia. Any theories as to why ? And do you think it's a co-ordinated move to suppress information whilst something is going on.
  5. Rorschach

    Operation Gladio

    Statement: "AQ and affiliates, ISIS, Boko, Al-Kalaab, etc. are all Western tools for proxy warfare." Tinfoil nonsense:mjlol:amiright fellow friends? The use of cells/mercenaries/social groups internationally by Uncle Sam & Co. as a key and central tool for proxy warfare is...
  6. Rorschach

    The Bolsheviks

    How much do you guys know about the Bolsheviks? They were a communist group that overthrew, and killed, the Emperor of Russia: Nicolas II, and kick-started what's to become Soviet Russia. The recognisable Joseph Stalin was among the initial conspirators along with fellow key players Vladimir...